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NT Cutter 30° 40-Blade/1 Pack
NT blade with 30 degree angle point for precision art knives and circle cutters. Refill blades are packed in a protective plastic container. Extra sharp tip precision blades are great for crafts, model making and other artisanal projects.


NT Cutter ABS Grip 30° Multi-Blade Cartridge Knife
NT's cartridge-type, 30-degree snap off blade knife has a professional quality ABS grip with smooth rounded edge to protect cutting surfaces from scratching. This snap off utility knife with 30-degree sharper point blade is the tool of choice for window film and vehicle graphic wraps.


NT Cutter Aluminum Holder w/Needlepoint & burnishers
NT's Three-in-One precision tool; art knife, needlepoint and burnishes all in one light-weight aluminum holder with a noncorrosive high-quality zinc chuck and a nonslip nickel-plated brass collar to hold blade secure for maximum performance. This special art knife is designed for the most intricate of cutting jobs. Dual end holder has an art blade on one end and a needlepoint on the other.


NT Cutter PRO Auto-Lock Red Dot Stainless Steel Knife
NT's Pro-line stainless steel knife is often referred to as the "Red Dot" knife in the professional window tinting business. This slim knife is ideal for free hand precision trimming jobs.


NT Cutter PRO Auto-Lock Stainless Steel Knife
NT's Pro-line stainless steel knife with an extra-sharp 30 degree blade. Stylish slim knife is ideal for free hand precision trimming jobs such as vinyl sign cutting.


Vinyl Wrap Plastic Stick
This set includes all of wrap sticks that represent various techniques that installers worldwide have tried and tested and found to be successful. The handle length was made for ease of installation and movement in application and each Stick has an internal magnet which makes for ease in storage during an application by parking it on a car fender or hood.