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NT Cutter 30° 40-Blade/1 Pack (BDC-200P)
NT blade with 30 degree angle point for precision art knives and circle cutters. Refill blades are packed in a protective plastic container. Extra sharp tip precision blades are great for crafts, model making and other artisanal projects.


NT Cutter PRO Auto-Lock Red Dot Stainless Steel Knife
NT's Pro-line stainless steel knife is often referred to as the "Red Dot" knife in the professional window tinting business. This slim knife is ideal for free hand precision trimming jobs.


Switch-Card 3/4 Fluorescent Green
This is the hardest and stiffest squeegee/card we offer making it a great choice for flat surface installations.


Switch-Card 3/4 Fluorescent Yellow
The Switch Card 3/4 Fluorescent Yellow is the second hardest of this group with a great stiffness and a soft touch surface due to our proprietary material compound making it a great choice for semi curbed and flat surface installations.